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Oct 21, 2023Kitchen 1B Restaurant

In the heart of Metro Manila, amidst the bustling cityscape, you'll find Kitchen 1B—a culinary oasis tucked in the cozy corner of Apartment 1B Arya Plaza committed to serving meals that nourish both body and soul without compromising taste and quality.

The team of passionate individuals who came together and formed Kitchen 1B understands the benefits and challenges of keeping a wholesome diet to your body. Beyond serving mere meals, this place is a commitment to your well-being.


Armed with a clear mission of providing you with a haven for quality meals with a nutritious twist, Kitchen 1B is more than a dining spot; it is a place for those who want food they love but something that loves them back. The Kitchen 1B nutrition council firmly believes that great taste and nutrition can go hand in hand. Every ingredient is carefully selected, making sure they are packed with flavor, minus the harmful additives.

Redefining Dining with Flavor and Nutrition

At its core, Kitchen 1B is a testament to perseverance in seamlessly marrying flavor and nutrition. This place is a sanctuary for those who seek not just something that pleases the taste buds but also serves the body well in their culinary experiences. Here, the merging of great taste and nourishment is a top priority, with ingredients meticulously curated to deliver both flavor and nutrition.

Kitchen 1B’s dedication to providing healthy meals in Metro Manila extends to a wide range of preferences and needs. Whether you're following a gluten-free diet, steering clear of dairy, removing soy-based ingredients, or simply aiming to reduce your intake of refined sugar, their menu can deliver. The customers’ well-being guides this restaurant’s menu choices.

"Kitchen 1B is all about redefining the dining experience. Our unwavering dedication to the fusion of flavor and nutrition sets us apart, particularly in ways that promote gut health and support the body's biomechanics. We believe that eating well should never feel restrictive. Each dish is a testament to the idea that you can savor delicious food while nourishing your body. We aim to empower people to make wholesome lifestyle choices through food," shares Cinty Yniguez, Health Consultant at Kitchen 1B.

What truly sets Kitchen 1B apart is the unwavering belief that dining well should be an indulgence in itself. The culinary team is on a mission to create wholesome and incredibly delicious dishes by designing a menu inspired by the world's most flavorful cuisines and reimagining them with a nutritious twist. It's indeed a culinary adventure that can leave you satisfied and nourished.

Empowering You With Wholesome Lifestyle Choices

Whether you're a health-conscious food enthusiast, a busy professional in search of balanced nutrition, or someone who simply loves savoring a wholesome meal, Kitchen 1B is your destination.

In the words of Chef Nikko Roa, Kitchen 1B’s Executive Chef, “At Kitchen 1B, we don't just create dishes; we craft experiences. Our menu is a culinary journey that combines wholesome ingredients with the art of flavor. It's about striking that perfect balance where every member of a dining group will have surely something to enjoy without feeling restricted. Every bite delights your taste buds and nurtures your well-being. I take immense pride in crafting dishes that not only taste amazing but also promote a healthy and vibrant lifestyle. Kitchen 1B is more than a restaurant; it's an invitation to savor the delicious harmony of nourishment and flavor.”  

Discover the best of both worlds at Kitchen 1B where you get the comfort of gourmet dining and the benefits of eating healthy meals in Metro Manila. Get a taste of their delectable menu, and you will realize that delicious and nutritious can coexist harmoniously on your plate.

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