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By launching LSC in 2009, siblings Maria Cristina R.S. Castro and Maria Victoria Romero-Salas had curated through global best practices to usher in a new era of medically backed wellness in to the Philippines, making a more personalized and precise healthcare approach more accessible to Filipinos.

Since then, RHG has branched out to key areas that contribute to the improvement of various aspects of human health.

Companies currently under RHG include LSC as its center for health and wellness; LifeScience Institute (LSI) as its research, education, and training arm; Global Medical Technologies (GMT) as the medical solutions provider; Skin+Nutrition (S+N) as its functional medicine-focused skin clinic; and Neuro-fit as its studio for improvement of brain performance.

Currently, the Romero-Salas siblings are still working on helping Filipinos live their best and healthiest lives by offering products and services that are good for them.

The sisters’ love for food and celebrations has prompted their newest endeavor in collaboration with no less than the Apt 1B.

“Our meal offerings under Kitchen1B allow us to demonstrate how healthy food can be fun and delicious to eat. We recognize our love for eating and how gathering around the table with friends and family to enjoy a meal is intrinsic in our being Filipino.”

Maria Cristina narrates. “We thought it would be interesting to put our learnings in Nutrition and Diet Planning into practice – so, we’ve brought our team of internationally-trained nutritionist-dietitians to collaborate with the kitchen team at Apt1B to create an unapologetic roster of dishes that can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone.

We’ve focused our first foray on developing a nutritiously balanced roster of meals to help ease the inflammatory load that other counterpart dishes may sometimes cause.” Maria Victoria adds.

The sister's mission to make healthier habits more accessible to Filipinos is further underpinned by this latest offering. This partnership hopes to help clients improve their over-all health and boost their immune system through food.

Through Kitchen 1B, LSC hopes to make eating healthier more convenient and enjoyable to, not just their clients, but to the rest of the Apt 1B patrons.