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Vegan Chocolate Cake
May 12, 20230 comments
This vegan cake is a really simple, yet very tasty cake.
Tofu and carrot kimchi lettuce wraps
May 12, 20230 comments
These tasty lettuce wraps from The Australian Women's Weekly and Disney's 'Healthy Family Eating' cookbook are packed full of zesty homemade carrot kimchi and grilled tofu for a healthy vegan twist on classic sang choy bau. San choy bau is arguably the best 'just happens to be healthy' food you will find. Packed full of fresh crunchy vegetables and grilled tofu for a complete meal that won't leave you feeling heavy. Perfect for summer!
Turmeric dosa with green chilli potatoes
May 12, 20230 comments
These savoury pancakes originate from southern Indian cuisine, served here with deliciously spiced potatoes for a fibre-rich dinner or lunch. If making your own dosa, start this recipe 1 day ahead.
Grilled Shrimp With Spicy Slaw
May 12, 20230 comments
Lightly charred, citrusy grilled shrimp are the star of this quick slaw made from a pile of thinly sliced, crunchy green cabbage tossed with a sweet-tart citrus dressing. Cilantro adds bright flavor, and this dish has a bit of spice in the form of fresh jalapeños.
Maple Salmon
May 11, 20230 comments
This maple glazed salmon is delicious and very easy to prepare. I love maple syrup in everything and decided to use it in the marinade. My husband totally loved it; he wasn't a salmon fan until now.

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